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I Hope The Russians Love Their Zombies Too

I’ve never been really impressed with Metallica. Yeah, I know, I know–that whole Blew The One And Only Chance The Music Industry Had To Get Out In Front of the Internet Piracy Problem thing. But even before that: I remember going to Lollapalooza one year where they were headlining. I was there to see Rage Against the Machine. Metallica hit the stage, I hit the parking lot. Except for a few of their songs, they’ve never done anything for me. Except for the S&M symphony album, perhaps.

I say this not to slag off Metallica–not that they haven’t earned it (see above)–but to put you in mind of what it would take for me to frontpage them. I know you’re thinking: must be zombies–and not just because the zed-word is in the title there.

Yes, it’s the music video for “All Nightmare Long,” featuring the Soviets raining down alien spores from Tunguska on America in 1948. I’m wondering if they got the idea for that from what the Japanese intended to do before World War II came to an end: use their aircraft carrier subs to drop the Black Death on California.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via io9.


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