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11 May 2020 Playlist: Joy Heist Begins

Ray Bradbury & Kirk Douglas, hanging out. Drinking coffee.

So what is this? Well, since the world pretty much sucks right now, we all need something to take our minds off of it. So this is pretty much what you would find on something like Need Coffee TV. We could probably stream this madness if we weren’t so damn lazy. But why bother when we can just put together a playlist of goodness to share?

As for the concept of the “Joy Heist,” I would point you to the Twitter of author Chuck Wendig:

I love this idea so much. Had to borrow it to use it somewhere. Chuck’s feed is filled with madness like that. His latest novel, Wanderers, is about to hit. And you can find the rest of his bound written words here. And here’s his website, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Playlist is below. Either dive in and start watching or read the explanation below that.

  • Sandi Toksvig (current host of QI) is stuck at home like many others. So she decided to invite us all into her library, where she tells us a story, usually from her Book of Days. If you enjoy QI or the QI Elves’ podcast No Such Thing as a Fish…or even if you enjoy just learning new stuff…you will greatly enjoy this: VOX TOX. Her YouTube is here which has all the episodes. She was doing them daily for six weeks, bless her, and has just moved to a weekly format so she can, you know, do other things.
  • Maria Bamford is one of my favorite comedians. Her comedy seems to work a lot like my mind. If you know her stuff, then you probably know what I mean. Here we have her chatting with Stephen Colbert from before the main insanity of the pandemic kicked in.
  • Danny Trejo has a documentary about him coming out. I need this.
  • Dan Dubuque playing the living shit out of “Killing in the Name” on the slide guitar.
  • The art of Eric Mesplé, who makes sculptures with ferrofluid. It looks amazing. And exactly the sort of thing you’d love to play with. But…it appears to be a massive pain in the ass to do the crazy shit he does with it.
  • A Moe Howard master class in the art of pie throwing.
  • And then…Taskmaster. If you don’t know this show from the UK (or only know its American version which…well, they tried), then you are doing yourself a disservice. Their YouTube channel is getting populated with full episodes and they’re giving people home tasks while they’re sheltering at home. It’s glorious madness. Here’s an entire task that many of you will appreciate.