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Paul and Storm’s Geek Madness

Geek Madness

So Paul and Storm are up to some more shenanigans. But actually these are some intelligent shenanigans. So maybe the ECT is helping those two. But regardless, here’s the deal: they’re holding a competition to see who should step up and take the post of Secretary of Geek Affairs for the upcoming Obama administration. (I keep wanting to say “Minister of Geek Affairs”.)

You can go to their site and see the full array of contenders. And the first regional battle is on.

Now, we’re known here at Needcoffee for our highly charged political views. For being at the forefront of What’s Right. After all, we’ve already thrown our support for Boris Johnson as President and we’ve waded into international affairs by extending asylum to the besieged Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. So I’m sure you’re all wondering: does Needcoffee have a dog in this fight?

Oh yes. We’ve got a helluva pick for this fight.

Ken Plume: YOUR Secretary of Geek Affairs

If it’s a geek matter, Ken Plume owns a copy of it, has watched it, has an opinion on it, and can make changes happen. I say Back Plume for Secretary of Geek Affairs. I’m not one to give power to the government, no sir. But put Plume one step from a guy who can make executive orders and we might get the reparations we’ve all been seeking for Batman and Robin. The name Plume is synonymous with GEEK JUSTICE.

Show your support by placing this small icon upon your blogspace. We can make this happen, people.

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