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Stuff: Jack Ryan Begins (Again)

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan

  • A new Jack Ryan flick? You know it’s in development. And the rebirth of Bond and the success of Bourne I’m sure have only made Paramount really want to get off their ass and do a follow-up to Sum of All Fears, the capable re-working of Affleck and Morgan Freeman into the former Harrison Ford part. Hossein Amini (Wings of the Dove) is on tap to scribe the new movie, which you can pretty much just call Jack Ryan Begins. I think you know what I mean. Regardless, don’t expect Affleck to return. Apparently Sam Raimi was attached for a while to direct–don’t know what the hell they were thinking on that, the only person with a more packed dance card these days is Del Toro. As an aside, apparently Amini is scribing The Subtle Knife at Warner Brothers.

    I must say: whoever’s going to play the new Ryan, they won’t have as good a Pissed Off Face as Harrison Ford. That and while we’re waiting, I would be perfectly content with Liev Schrieber in the Without Remorse movie. Just for the record. Source: Hollywood Reporter.

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  • What’s going to be on Frank Miller’s dance card? How about Buck Rogers? Odd Lot, the people who produced The Spirit, Miller’s solo helming debut, are working on getting the rights. “…while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it’s expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller’s signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption.” And probably black and white with just splashes of color? Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Well, that’s a shame. Stephen Chow has exited the director’s chair for Green Hornet due to “creative differences.” They can’t have been too bad, though, because he’s still playing Kato. So we have that, at least. Source: Variety.
  • QI is getting a Dutch remake version that starts airing December 27th. Source: Chortle.
  • Ding dong, Top Gear USA is dead. I forget which one of us wins the betting pool in that case. TV Squad says that the reason it got yanked is because Knight Rider is considered a failure. This is how Hollywood works: a bad remake of an 80s classic bad car show causes a completely non-fictional show about cars, in which none of them sound like Val Kilmer, to get axed. You people always scoff at me in our Make the Bad Men Stop sessions, but hear me now and believe me later.
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    • First, I am thrilled to hear that the USA Top Gear is canceled. I had never heard of Top Gear until you fine folks turned me on to it, now I can not stop watching – I even watch the reruns as they appear on my DVR – it’s a sickness. So the thought of a USA one (especially the way they were planning to do it) just did not seem right.

      Next, Frank Miller might not be directing anything anytime soon… all indications are that The Spirit is going to tank. The reviews have not been good at all. RavenFace over at TUG saw it during a critics/press screening and wrote a less than favorable review. Other reviewers have taken to comparing it to Battlefield Earth. So a FM Buck Rogers might never see the light of day.

    • I dunno…if it’s like Battlefield Earth, then I’ll probably love it. I have yet to see a film since BE that is funnier than BE. No lie. I almost broke a rib laughing. The publicity people for the screening were seriously concerned for my well being.

    • I am with you Widge. Maybe Frank wanted to make something that would become camp legend. I am a serious Eisner/Miller fan. The negative pub has got me yearning for The Spirit release.