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13 Days of Xmas 2008, Day 10: Christmas Light Mania

Christmas Lights

So last year we were discussing fun with futuristic Christmas bits. So where is my “eel powering a Xmas tree” level vid of 2008? Truth is, I couldn’t find anything. Nobody’s hooked up a tree to several hundred hamster wheels or even anything remotely wacky like that. So let’s go to something that’s a lot like the eel tree: admirable and wacky.

Namely, people who decorate their houses with lights. I have a friend who at one time went out and found the biggest, gaudiest bowling trophy they could find from their local thrift store. Then they would find the house with the brightest, loudest lighting setup and pose in front of the house with the trophy, grinning from ear to ear. That shot was her Xmas card. God, I love that idea.

The thing about the light displays you’re about to see is that it’s a lot like the programming time that goes into the Rockafire Explosion: the end result is really nifty and thank you, but…good God, man, when do you have time to do all this? Like this guy: does he start hanging lights in April? Ken sent me this.

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Why are those kids running around with glowsticks in our front yard, dear? Oh, never mind, I know why now.

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This video mentions that he lives in an area with a homeowner’s association. The ones around here won’t let people put the wrong kind of wreath on their doors…how in the hell did he convince a homeowner’s assocation to let him do this sort of thing? See more of this and other stuff they do at

Direct link for the feedreaders.