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Amazon’s Year-End Blowout Sale

Okay, folks. You know we try not to pepper you with information about Amazon unless we see a really good deal. I’m not going to even cause a blip on your radar unless something’s at least 50% off, unless we’re talking Criterion, which rarely go on sale in a significant way. But anyway, Amazon has thrown a bunch of DVDs into our discount bracket. You can browse their Blowout Sale section here if you just want to check out the whole thing for yourself.

However, as always, we want to pick out those DVDs that we think you would really, really be interested in. And we recommend you own. They’re listed below. These discounts are while supplies last. And let me tell you my personal strategy for this: holidays may be over, but birthdays, Dad’s Day and Mom’s Day will be here before we know it. So if the price is good, grab it while you can.

There’s also a bunch of Smallville, Batman Animated, Curb Your Enthusiasm and other titles available for some worthy discounts. Check out the full list here. And as always, we get kickbacks from any purchases you make through the site, for which we thank you.