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Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush: A Love Song

Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush: Do Bears

Rowan Atkinson, joined on stage by Kate Bush, to sing a lovely duet for Comic Relief back in 1986. I know you’re thinking: Comic Relief, that’s that shite charity thing that was around for a bit in the U.S. for the 80s and sort of fizzled out. But no, my friends. In the UK it is a nation-wide party for charity that is just brilliant. For more info, check out the official site here. It happens every two years, so this upcoming year–the date is March 13th, apparently. We’ll have to do something for the occasion, I’m sure.

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Found via poeTV.
And because I try not to give you just one of everything–and partly because any excuse to bring up some Red Nose Day stuff is always welcome around here…here’s Catherine Tate in a very special comedy sketch from 2007.

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