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Happy New Year for Happy New Winners!

Baby New Year

The Wild Wild West winners are Harry Swicegood of Washington, Miranda Lloyd of Nevada, Philip Halter of Missouri, Richard Phillips of Virginia, and Nancy Newman of Arizona.

The DVD winners for Journey to the Center of the Earth: Ritchie Johnson of British Columbia, Carolyn Tracey of North Carolina, Rebecca Wetzel of Connecticut, Barbara Cox of Pennsylvania, and Lynn Mills of Virginia.

The JAG Season 7 winners: Cory Fillion of Manitoba, Eileen Lammers of Missouri, Terry Cover of Texas, Cindy Allen of Kansas, and Amanda Follis of Missouri.

For Kit Kittredge, winners are Tania Becerra of Wisconsin, Daniel Morrell of Massachusetts, Anne Mullvain of Wisconsin, Matthew Marquart of New Jersey, and Laurey Martin of Indiana.

Streets of San Francisco Season 2, Vol. 2 goes out to : Eliie Carr of Arkansas, Jeffrey Walters of California, Michael Koerber of Texas, Jeanette Hamilton of Michigan, and Nicole Rempfer of Kentucky.

7th Heaven Season 7 was snagged by Carrie Taylor of Alberta, Linda Gilbert of Missouri, Debra Ford of New York, Terra Heck of Illinois, and George Wagnon of Alabama.

And our Sukiyaki Western Django winners are Donald Edwards of Oklahoma, Craig Schwartz of New Jersey, and Stacie Vaughan of Ontario.

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