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Back Plume

Ken Plume: YOUR Secretary of Geek Affairs

Ladies and gentlemen. It is ON. Your task is clear. Paul and Storm, lovable musical hooligans that they are, are running the Secretary of Geek Affairs competition to see who will be THE geek to represent geekdom to the Obama administration. We discussed it all in depth here.

Now the time has come. And the stakes are high, but not insurmountable. Ken Plume‘s first opponent in the Geek Showdown? Joss Whedon.

Just remember: Whedon may have given you Buffy and Firefly, but Plume has given you the Film Fest, Quick Stop Entertainment, Snydecast, Smodcast, and if you’ve been within fifteen feet of the guy, he’s probably given you free shit. And if you’ve been within fifteen hundred feet of the guy, he’s probably thrown hard candy at you with intent to maim. What a lovable scamp.

BACK PLUME, people. Go here to vote. Because remember: PLUME means a large feather. And also change. And free shit. Thank you.

Put on the tab of Fiends of Ken Plume. A non-profit organization that I just invented as I typed.