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Rufus Cappadocia Wails on His Cello

So there I was watching another TED video, when I ran across a guy by the name of Bruno Bowden (who apparently is a Google engineer…a Googineer, perhaps) and digs folding paper. So he decided to fold some paper while blindfolded.

This was…novel, to say the least. And puzzling. And distracting, because the guy I really wish they would have spent more time on was Rufus Cappadocia, who was improvising on his electric cello while Paper Dude had his way.

So here’s Rufus, sans paper folding.

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That song can be found off of his Songs for Cello album. You can snag it from Amazon here.


Here’s him performing with Bethany Yarrow, who is the daughter of Peter Yarrow, who is the Peter who worked with those Paul and Mary people. They have a live performance, Peter Bethany and Rufus, of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” But it’s just not as smooth as this. This is the title track from Bethany and Rufus’ 900 Miles. You can snag it from Amazon here.

Direct link for the feedreaders.