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Win Caligula on Blu-Ray!

Caligula Blu-Ray cover art

Roman decadence in hi-def? Sure thing. Plus three audio commentaries, also interviews, deleted and alternate scenes, behind-the-scenes stuff, photos and a slew of DVD-ROM extras as well. And of course, all our contests have a minimum age of 18…and this is why! So we can give away a copy of this and not have to worry about changing the rules around. That being said: enter this contest understanding that the movie you’re trying to win has graphic sex in it. I know we have a bunch of people who just willy nilly enter every contest without actually reading what I write here. But if you’re a nun or something and you win this, I don’t want to hear any complaints. KNOW what you’re trying to win, folks. Anyway.

Anyway, we’ve got that copy–enter to win–and enter once a day if you want to maximize your chances of winning–and when we draw one name, that person wins. It’s just that easy.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy.

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