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ScottC Vs. Night Of The Living Podcast

Night of the Living Podcast + ScottC = Awesome Sauce

As I mentioned earlier, I’m working to increase my media presence to compete with Widgett “Superstar” Walls. To this end, I attended HorrorHound Weekend during the weekend of March 27th in Indianapolis. However, much like DragonCon, I rarely care about the guests, it’s the people I wanted to meet. This particular con ended up being a gathering of various podcasters that I listen to from around the country. Again like DragonCon, it was a chance to meet people that I know through the many tubes and porn sites that is the Internet but I rarely, if ever, meet in the flesh. It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Here below is a list of some of the podcasts that were in attendance. I invite you to enjoy them as I do.

While all the above podcasts are fine shows, NOTLP has a special place in my heart. They were one of the first podcasts I listened to and even went for as to make the month of April Scott History Month when I made a donation. I love these guys.

You can't tell but I was mightily confused to be sitting by people at a convention who weren't berating and insulting me. Very strange.

During HorrorHound, the gang had their recording equipment set up and recorded during the convention. And I got to sit in on some of it. You can check out the coverage at their website (direct download the episode here). I’m at the beginning when they were testing out their mics and I was doing my usual naughty commenting. About an hour in, I was also part of a review of one of the films shown during HorrorHound, Dark Night of the Scarecrow. You should listen to all the coverage and check out the podcasts above. They have the seal of approval from the Scott Campbell Podcasting Foundation.