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ScottC vs. Views From The Longbox

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Our Lord and Master Widgett has been out and about as of late when he’s not ringmastering the podcast version of Cirque du Soleil, Weekend Justice. He’s made a quest appearance on Quick Stop Entertainment’s Cabin Fever with host and gender illusionist, Aaron Poole. He’s been interviewed on The Unique Geek by their resident legal expert, Ron. I am 90% sure this wasn’t an excuse for some deposition or something. You can even see Widge and his Beard of Lordly Might along with Ken Plume and his Beard of Sad Regret on their streaming video cavalcade Nuts On The Road.

It’s all about Widge. Widgett, Widgett, Widgett.

There are other people on this website, you know.


I’ve done lots of podcast stuff too. I starred and podcasted Curious Echo Radio Theater‘s first production – Beware The Moon Wraith: The Orb Of Phoebe. I’ve done plenty of shows for The Unique Geek. Recently, I even did a guest spot for Michael Bailey, one of The Unique Geeks. His podcast, Views From The Longbox focuses on comics. On this particular episode, we discussed comics that don’t feature underwear perverts, or as they’re usually referred to, superheroes. We talk about how comics back in the day featured romance stories, western yarns, and horror tales. We bring this to the present where horror and other fantastic tales are making a resurgence and how this may help the comics medium branch out of it’s ever shrinking niche market. We feature two examples of no capes tales: I talk about Alan Moore’s From Hell and Bailey talks about Widge’s favorite comic Walking Dead. It was a lively discussion with some tangents and my trademark perverted comments.

So just remember: There is a ‘I’ in ‘Widge’, there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team'