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Win Oliver and Company on DVD!

Oliver and Company DVD cover art

It’s the Billy Joel song-fueled remake of Oliver Twist with animals, Oliver & Company, hitting DVD from Disney on February 3rd. And we’ve got two copies to give away. What a deal. Here, have a trailer:

Now, this contest ends sooner than most–it’s going to end on February 3rd. So get cracking and start entering. And remember: you can enter once a day. So why should you worry?

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

But be of good cheer! For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.

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  • The contest closes on February 3rd…where are you seeing the 23rd on this one? Or are you just used to our contests running a full month? Trust me, I think it’s weird too, but that’s what they wanted.

  • Oh, also, your comment didn’t evaporate. Your comment went into moderation, so it was never really there. So I’ve got this question from you thrice. I’ll kill the dupes.

  • Tanks. No, it’s more that you do have a statistically characteristic pattern, when you release two new contests on one day, that TYPICALLY they expire on the same day. Looked like an anomaly, thought I’d raise a flag. No big!

  • No worries…you had me paranoid I had forgotten to change the date to the non-standard date (i.e. the 3rd)! But then again, I’m paranoid anyway. So. :)