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Bruce Campbell Watch – Ten Plus Years After

Bruce Campbell Watch 98

So when Prof. John Hodgman posted to Twitter that something called “Bruce Campbell Watch ’98” had been put online, we were of course curious. We have taken a liking to Mr. Bruce, as all cultured and right-thinking people do.

What is BCW98? John Sellers, who posted the goodness, explains:

In 1998, midway through my stint as the television editor at Time Out New York, I decided, for no reason whatsoever, to pick one underrated cult actor and trumpet the hell out of him over the course of a few months. The only option? B-movie poobah Bruce Campbell, whose work I’d gotten into entirely due to the maniacal urgings of John Hodgman.

I had no idea that at one point the television section of Time Out New York was run using the same editorial principles that have made Needcoffee what it is today. Regardless, these bits with Campbell are priceless and kudos to Sellers for posting them. You can find the lot here.

When all this happened, Hodgman was representing Campbell on one of his books. In fact, it was this one we reviewed a while back. What does this connection prove? In fact, very little. But thank you for your time.

John Hodgman’s official lair can be found here, in which, as usual, he Explains All.


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