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David Letterman at the Milford Plaza

So Ken and I were discussing David Letterman and how amazingly cool his shows used to be. He was a bit wild, what with his monkey-cam and Larry “Bud” Melman and his various stunts he’d pull. Like grabbing the Helen Hayes Suite at the Milford Plaza in New York City and filming his show there, with special guests Carly Simon and Hunter S. Thompson, plus some other people he coaxed out of their hotel rooms. It’s utterly manic…and funnily enough when Ken was playing part of this for me, and I heard Milford Plaza–I’ve actually stayed there. At least a couple of times. In the mid-90s, anyway, it had decent prices that included meals in the rather better than decent restaurant downstairs. Takes me back, so it does.

Anyway, here’s some Letterman back when he was perhaps a bit more out of control than these days we’re used to.

Update: Alas, the full thing’s been taken down…but here’s a snippet of the interview with Thompson.

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  • I loved early years of Letterman. It was crazy TV time, a time when Letterman and SCTV shows were better than SNL. I have not bothered with Letterman lately. Thanks for the remembrance. I too stayed at the Milford.