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Dolph Lundgren Has Come Here to Rock and Chew Bubblegum…

Dolph Lundgren in Command Performance

I know many have nothing but scorn for Dolph Lundgren. However, he does have a bit of cred with me for participating in one of the most surreal fight scenes I have ever seen. Of course, I’m talking about in the just plain bad Johnny Mnemonic, where he, in his role as a killer monk, grappled with Henry Rollins, in his role as a cybernetics expert. Just the very concept of such a thing happening was a bit jolting.

Here he produces, directs and co-writes the rawk version of Under Siege, Command Performance. This film also has in its cast what might be the coolest actor name you’ll hear this week: Clement von Franckenstein. No, I’m serious.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

I think we should pre-emptively consider this in the running for Bad Movie Club when it hits. Thoughts? Here’s the official site.

Headsup via Bill Corbett of Los Rifftrax.

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  • Is it wrong that I actually want to see this movie? I am serious. Dude kills the bad guy by jamming (pun intended) a guitar neck through his gut. Awesome! I only pray they use the cymbals used as throwing stars.