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Chuck Jonesapalooza on TCM Tonight!

Chuck Jones with arms crossed

Just received word from my friend and yours, Craig Kausen–via his blog about his granddad, Chuck Jones, which we threw your way before–that Turner Classic Movies is debuting a new docu on Mr. Jones, “Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood.” That’s happening tonight at 8PM EST. Which, you know, is pretty cool. But the really badass bit is that following the docu, you get a barrage of animated shorts until 3am. Fan-tastic.

For more information, go check out the Chuck Redux Blog or the program’s page on TCM.

And to whet your appetite (and because we love excuses to post Chuck Jones cartoons), here’s one of the ones they’re leading off with: “Elmer’s Candid Camera” from 1939. Don’t panic if Elmer and Bugs look different than their later model sheets…remember, friends: 1939.

Update: Unfortunately, “Camera” was taken down. Instead I offer up another cartoon from the program–also from 1939, it’s “Prest-O Change-O.”

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