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Headsup: Caffeine Appreciation Month Gallery Time Again

Jon from The Unique Geek--now with speed lines!
Jon from The Unique Geek--now with speed lines!

Just a brief note that, once more in celebration of Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month, we will be running a gallery of pictures from you (i.e. our illustrious readers) enjoying the wonder drug that works wonders (i.e. caffeine). To participate, simply send an image (or a link to an image on your site or on Twitpic or Flickr or wherever) of you partaking of something caffeinated to my attention at widge sucks at need coffee dot com. As before, I will link the pic to your website provided you give me a URL.

For the full set of rules of engagement on this, please see last year’s announcement post. To reiterate what we have there: the last photos will be accepted for publication at 11:59PM EST, March 31st.

Happy buzzing.