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Caffeine Appreciation Month to End With a Buzz

Giant armored scorpions love coffee
FACT: Giant armored scorpions love coffee

That’s right, all good things come to an end. So tomorrow we wave a fond goodbye to Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month, which we founded as a counterpoint to another caffeine attention thing for this month. That event is just a crass commercial disguised as a health awareness campaign. While we have no problems with crass commercialism per se, any crass commercialism on this site is extremely blatant in the interests of full disclosure. In fact, we tag it as “How much for the wimmin?” to make it really, really obvious. Which if you don’t catch that reference, go back and watch Blues Brothers again. (You should do that annually anyway, it’s like having your cholesterol checked.)

Where was I? Oh yes.

[ad#longpost]To let caffeine know that we cherish it and we appreciate how much it’s contributed to our productivity as a species, I am inspired to post a gallery of people enjoying caffeinated goodness. When you have your morning cup, snap a shot of yourself. Like we did here. But it doesn’t have to be coffee, no no. If your tea is caffeinated, send me a picture. If you feel the urge to gnaw on some chocolate–guess what, there’s caffeine in chocolate. Energy drinks, caffeinated mints or candies, hell, Shower Shock soap. I don’t care what it is.

(But please cover yourself if you’re sending in pics involving Shower Shock soap. Otherwise, I’ll give the pics to ScottC. Fair warning.)

If you would like to include your own praise of caffeine, testimonials, poems, sonnets, what have you…I’ll include those. And always, I’ll include a link on the pic back to your website. Normal rules about such things apply (the DBAD rule, namely) and one last thing, please don’t stick a logo or watermark on your pic. I mean, you’re getting a link. Let’s keep this limited to our own caffeine celebration and mutual narcissism and leave the advertising for another time. Our rates are very reasonable if you want to go down that road. E-mail me. See? That was blatant. No sneakiness here.

You can send your tributes to widgett at need coffee dot com. Will be accepted up till midnight EST, March 31st. Thanks!

Photo from Spaz-House morning security detail. Armored scorpions love their caffeine, too.