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Knocking Down Walls and Stuff

Okay, so we’ve made a couple of changes. First of all, welcome to the center of your screen.

I dunno, I kinda like it out here. Feels a bit roomier, you know? It started to get to where we were jammed up against the website that was right off the lefthand side of your screen. I know you couldn’t see it, but man, talk about not having a side yard. Felt like living in one of those subdivisions where you can literally lean out your window and step into the open window of the house next door.

So we’ve done that. Also, in case you’ve noticed, we use tags. And when we are talking about something or somebody that we’ve written a few things about, we have a tendency to link to our tags so you can read more on that subject. So if I were to mention Mike Patton, and if you were to click through, you’d see something like this:

Tag Archives sample

At the top you see the number of posts we’ve got on the subject and then a list of the posts, newest first. If you had used our tag archives in the past, they looked just like the front page, or the archive page. This way you get, a list of posts, 25 to a page. So if you want to read more, you can do so and find something interesting easier.

I’m thinking of tinkering some more with things to make it easier to get around in here. We’ve got 10 years worth of crap on the site, so I know it’s a bit overwhelming. Constructive feedback, as always, is welcomed.