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Where’s My Veritech Fighter?

Real Life Proposed Gundam

Okay, so I ran across this article in Wired, where a guy trying to drum up interest in robotics priced out what it would take to build an actual Gundam robot. You know, the sixty-foot high business. The price tag? $742 million.

Now that’s all well and good, but am I the only one thinking: Gundam is neat and all, but when are you going to be able to turn it into a jet?

That’s right. A veritech fighter. From Robotech. Three modes: jet, guardian (a hybrid jet/robot mode), and full-on butt-kicking robot. Battlebots are nice, but a complicated situation needs an incredibly complicated battle machine. Like this…

Veritech Fighter

But then I saw this over on Engadget. Now, granted, you’re thinking: Widge, it’s a collapsible scooter. Whoopee.

Ah, but you lack my vision! And purpose! And lack of sleep! Where you see a scooter, I see the first step on a long road that leads to…

Cyclone from Robotech

Yes, the Cyclone from Robotech. Motorcycle. Then skazaam, you’re encased in it, operating as badass battle armor. Now I’m sure that there will be some…mishaps with this. At least in the Veritech you’re in the cockpit the whole time, but with the Cyclone there’s metal crap transforming and grabbing onto you. But I’m sure eventually we’ll get to where we can use our technology for something meaningful. You know, like…preparing for an Invid invasion.

I just figure it’s 2008, people. Surely this can’t be the best we can do:

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