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SEIBEI: Intramural Zombie Hunter League Shirt Can Cause Lethal Geekgasm

Zombie Hunter Widge

SEIBEI’s zombie hunter tees, which we’ve mentioned before, are even more badass in person than they appear on the site.

Yes, mine came yesterday. And I swooned. Such is the pathetic nature of my zombie geek fascination.

Check it out: your own player name on the back, along with your choice of number.

Your number on the front as part of the “Intramural Zombie Hunter League” bit.

And, optionally, the “Kill as Many Zombies and Vampires as You Can” bit on the sleeve.

Plus the “choose your own gore” custom bit, making for lots of nifty bloodstains and zed-handgrab marks.

Unbelievable. A grey shirt so cool, even I would wear it. Buy yours here. Tell them we said hi. And use our special code “Needcoffee” to get 10% off, natch.

More pics after the break.