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Greetings, DragonCon Survivors

To all newcomers joining us due to our DragonCon shenanigans, howdy. Welcome to the asylum that is Here’s a quick rundown of how to find stuff on this and other fine One Tusk sites.

To get at various posts, use the categories list on the right, or if you find a post and want to read others like it, click any of the tags at the bottom of the post.

To interact with others of your kind, check out the Gabfest message board.

To win stuff, check out the Contests Page.

To read my stuff, check out the One Tusk page or my ongoing projects like Overkill or Dark Blue Monstropolis. Or you could just buy my novel or my short story collection. I’m not too proud to pimp.

And to subscribe to an RSS feed of all this nonsense, find it here.