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Threadless Summer Sale All Extended Weekend!

Owl Eat Mouse from Threadless by Ben Chen

Well, it is on for the summer Threadless sale. And it’s running until Tuesday, July 5th at 11am EST. And you want to get in as quickly as possible because stocks are already being depleted. Good news is that there’s still a lot of great shirts (both recent and reprints) that are still in stock. Pictured is one of my favorite bits of recent sickness: Owl Eat Mouse. Also I recommend the Peanuts-inspired “AAUGH!” by Nathan W. Pyle that I think many of us can relate to. Also, please note the so-close-to-Spazhouse-lore-it’s scary “Demise of Mr. Flamingo” by Adam Weber.

Kids shirts are also $10. So as I say whenever these things come up…Christmas and birthdays arrive before you know it. So stock up when it’s cheap. Just saying. Happy shopping.

P.S. Lost for what to look for? Previous featured tees we’ve chatted about (which could be still in stock or reprinted since then) can be found here.