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Colors Are Overrated Digest #8

Cheater by J!nx

  • So I can relate to this J!nx t-shirt, which portrays the only way I’d ever be able to win at a Rubik’s Cube. Of course, the next logical progression with this is to have one of the anthropomorphic Rubik’s Cubes being taken apart and the word “MONSTER” beneath it. You know what I’m talking about, right?


    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    And while we’re on the subject, take that fork on the left down memory lane:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

  • Black Black Bath Salt
  • Of course, most people these days are aware of Black Black, the caffeinated gum from Japan. And while it’s not actually the blackest stuff around–between that and the caffeine I think it qualifies to be mentioned here. But we’re not talking gum. We’re talking…bath salts. Yeah. “Now you can savor the menthol goodness of Black Black while you soak in a warm bath to relax that stress away.”

    It doesn’t say if there’s any caffeine action going on with the bath salts…so not sure about that. But I still find it odd, this notion of gum-inspired bath salts. Would you desire, for example, Hubba Bubba Bath Lotion? Maybe when we were kids. This Black Black Bath Salt business can be found at Jlist.

  • Keep Calm and Carry On, grey on black

  • We’ve mentioned Yes No Maybe before and their Keep Calm and Carry On Shirt. They’ve expanded the shirts available to include this one, which is good if white on black is too much for you: it’s grey on black. Well done, guys. Check out the whole range of Yes No Maybe Keep Calm shirts here.

    Cooper Was Right t-shirt by Kyra Schon

  • Also, when going over to Kyra Schon’s website, Ghoul Next Door–you remember her, the little girl Karen from Night of the Living Dead which we’ve mentioned previously–to check for another story idea, we found a new t-shirt she’s created that we rather like. “Cooper Was Right.” And in a sense, yeah. And if you don’t get the joke, then re-watch the movie.

  • And last but not least, another J!nx shirt. It’s called “Fanboy Opening Night,” and I think it speaks for itself:

    Fanboy Opening Night by J!nx
  • And that’s it for this episode. If you have anything that is black and cool (redundant), then let me know either via e-mail or carrier pigeon.