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Nuns Without Guns – Comic Review

Nuns Without Guns

So a really smart rule to follow is never to summon anything larger than your head. Unfortunately, a bunch of cultists decide to summon up the Antichrist and get more than they bargain for. (And isn’t that supposed to be God’s decision in that mythos as to when the Big Evil Guy shows up? Geez, know your myths before you start screwing around with them. Silly cultists.) Not only is the Big AC, you know, evil, but that brings the Nuns Without Guns onto their cases.

[ad#longpost]Rather then wielding the Ruler of Righteousness or some such, these four nuns wield faith, habits, crosses that work like Global Frequency phones–although it would be kind of awesome if all nuns were members of this secret super-group, like the Papal Frequency or something–and magical gear like the Staff of Joseph (controls plants) and the Staff of Moses (controls water). And once you’ve seen one of the sisters wield the Staff of Moses to create a giant water-fist from a swimming pool, it’s pretty easy to figure out you’re in the middle of Chris Claremont’s Nunsense and to not take it very seriously because it’s all good. If the water-fist doesn’t get you in the right frame of mind, the Pirates of the Caribbean refugees will certainly do so.

The book works and doesn’t require you to be Catholic or even a believer of any kind–the nuns take themselves more seriously than the situation warrants and that’s all that matters. So if you can roll with that, you’ll enjoy it. It doesn’t break any new ground with its superheroines in habits routine, but it wasn’t meant to. It’s just a fun read. It will be out from Viper Comics later this year.