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Like Comics? Have a Nice Sit-Down.

Absolutely brilliant. Check this out. The Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum:

The world’s only museum dedicated to original art on toilet seats by comic creators.

The Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum proudly hangs on the Isotope’s walls in San Francisco.

That’s Isotope Comics in San Fran, BTW. Pictured is the seat created by Teenagers From Mars and Dead West‘s Rob G and Rick Spears. Other contributors include Jim Lee, Batton Lash, Darick Robertson, Kyle Baker and Warren Ellis.

As a total aside, I ran into somebody years ago at San Diego Comic-Con who had a very unique collection of illos by comic book artists. He had asked everybody to draw variations on Winnie the Pooh. These included James O’Barr doing Tigger as The Crow and an Alex Ross parody of the cover of Marvels with Pooh on fire and screaming. It was hilarious. If anybody knows who the hell that was and if that stuff is online somewhere, please contact me.

Found via Boing Boing.