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Frogger: First the Game, Then the Cartoon, Now… The Musical


Paul and Storm, those purveyors of whimsical musical bits, have created a Frankensong for the final challenge of this iteration of Masters of Song Fu over at Quick Stop Entertainment. And what mad genius stuff came out of their heads when they banged them together? Frogger the Musical. No shit. Check it out here.

I told Paul he could do an entire album of them and that I eagerly awaited “Sinistar the Musical.” And he called me such terrible things.

For those of you younguns, who don’t remember what the hell Frogger is, try this:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Yes, with some extra Star Wars goodness. Or maybe this:

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  • GAWD! I had both of those Atari games. So..very…old!

    And when they say the battle never ends, brother, they meant it.

    The game literally had no ending, you just kept killing AT-ATs until you got bored and turned it off.

    And ET is the Atari game that people hate for some reason.