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Morbid Inflatable Whimsy: We’ve Hit an Iceberg! Wheee!

Inflatable Titanic

How do you know you’ve been blogging for too long? Because you see something in person you’re certain you’ve written about before: namely the really awfully morbid “inflatable sinking Titanic slide.” You take a picture because you want to share it with everyone: “Look, folks, it’s real.” You bring the picture home, and you start looking around on your site for the previous post. No dice. You think, maybe it was on another site you did (the previous incarnation of Red Nose Net) and no it’s not there. In desperation, you Google it and find the original post that you remember seeing on somebody else’s blog (namely Boing Boing). So you come to the conclusion that you were so tired one day you saw the thing in question, thought you had blogged about it during a fugue state, and then went on blissfully with your day.

That being said: um, look, everybody: inflatable Titanic. I didn’t see the iceberg portion. And, admittedly, I forgot to check to see if “Titanic” was actually on it anywhere. But still. Wheee!