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Threadless Says Stop Unicorn and Sasquatch Poaching

Conservation Status from Threadless

So I meant to bring this up last week but got a bit behind (no, really?) with things and it slipped my sieve-like mind. And this week…well, the Threadless harvest wasn’t my favorite. But this I think we can all get behind, despite the fact it’s a little too colorful for my tastes–it is still black and zombies are involved. So that makes it a winner for somebody.

Also, it brings a serious issue to light: unicorns and Bigfoot. Who is watching out for them? When was the last time somebody PETA protested hunting season on unicorns? (Although somebody should show up at a PETA rally promoting the conservation of fictional animals, come to think of it–that would be fantastic.) Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes. Especially unicorns, as they can’t escape as easily as, say, the Bigfoot in this commercial:


Direct link for the feedreaders. Commercial pointed out by @Lee Unkrich.

So we’ve either got to step up unicorn conservation or give them vehicles. It’s only fair, folks. You can snag the shirt here.