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Art and Such Digest #1

Brian Dettmer

  • So we’ve actually mentioned Brian Dettmer’s work before. I didn’t know that he was based out of Atlanta, though. That’s interesting. Also interesting is his more recent work in book sculpture–check out that bookworm there. It’s like David Cronenberg decided to do a children’s show pushing literacy, isn’t it? Found via Boing Boing.
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    Monster Motorcycle Helmet

  • Also wicked are motorcycle helmets that look like they could be used as accessories in a Kaiju Big Battel routine. According to Boing Boing Gadgets, they were created for $100 by a Brazilian artist, but the Craigslist entry that featured them is now no more. Ah well. I think you’d make people crap themselves on the interstate if they drove by you on a Harley wearing one of these.
  • Screamy by emciem

  • Patch Together is a site that is basically Threadless for vinyl toys. You submit a design, it it gets enough interest, they make it available for pre-order. If you get enough pre-orders, they put it into production. My favorite of everything they have available is Screamy, because he’s just so ridiculously odd. Click on the pic to see the full deal.
  • Poppet 451

  • Another artist we’ve talked about before is our friend and yours, Lisa Snellings, who creates the whimsical little poppet figurines. A lot of them are cool, make no mistake, but this one appears to have rocketed past the gravity well of cool and into something beyond that–and yes, it is exactly what you think it is: Poppet 451. It’s a one of a kind poppet she’s created and again, I weep for my lack of coin. Because it’s ridiculously cool. Bid on it here.
  • Doktor A: Pocket Full of Posies

  • And last but not least, Doktor A, who’s been rather popular on our site, has his site of goodness: the Spookypopshop. In addition to excellent bits of vinyl work, he’s got prints like this one: “Pocket Full of Posies,” which has that morbid whimsy we like so much. That’s what happens when you combine a big-beaked plague mask with a lot of colors.
  • Know any art that you’d like us to look at? Or even any such? Twitter it to us @needcoffeefeed and we’ll take a look. If it cranks our tractor, we might just post it.