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Doktor A’s Mr. Wells And His Legendary Temporal Conveyance

Mr. H.G. Wells by Doktor A, a vinyl figure

Oh hell, this is some awesome stuff. Brass Goggles clues us into the work of the diabolical Doktor A, who takes vinyl figures and manipulates them into really cool bits: like this one of Mr. H.G. Wells and his time machine. I dig it. Now we just need a David Warner/Jack the Ripper toy to go along with it and we’re set.

Make sure you go check out all his toys. I think my favorite, though, is the steampunky goodness that is “Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsborough at the Helm of Her Majesties Ironclad Defender.” It’s an earthworm. In a top hat. In what must be a borrowing tank. Death from below FTW.