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Wayhomer Review #44: The Warrior’s Way

Warrior's Way

Episode #44 for The Warrior’s Way, in which our protagonist talks about the power of three certain words, Kate Bosworth’s finest hour, and how Danny Huston has a line for you.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • There was one thing– ONE THING– I was hoping for, beyond what I was promised in the trailer, and that has to do with the Boat Sequence. I think you see where I’m going, yes?

    Does. It. Deliver?

  • I…don’t think I know what you’re on about, amigo. So if it’s that obvious and I’m not following, I guess it doesn’t deliver.

  • @Wolven: I believe they were going to try to work pirates into the upcoming “Sucker Punch,” along with zeppelins, mechs, and samurai. And ninjas. And spaceships.