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Win The Limits of Control Soundtracks!

Bad Rabbit: Film Music from The Limits of Control The Limits of Control soundtrack

So Jim Jarmusch has a new movie out, The Limits of Control. It’s rolling out through the month of May stateside. Here, check out a trailer:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Nice. So the albums hit on iTunes April 28th and hit in a CD form last week thanks to Lakeshore Records. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The first album, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (with Mr. Jarmusch’s introduction), includes a half-dozen selections from the Japanese rock band Boris, among them two pairings with the group Sunn O )); Franz Schubert’s “Adagio” from his String Quintet, as performed by Ensemble Villa Musica; and “El que se tenga por grande,” the lyrics of which are also in dialogue throughout the film. Mr. Jarmusch reveals, “We also have Manuel El Sevillano’s ‘[Por Compasión:] Malagueñas,’ which was recorded on a wax cylinder in the 1920s.”

The second album, consisting of four selections, is a limited-edition digipack EP entitled Film Music from The Limits of Control, and is entirely original music by Bad Rabbit. The band, consisting of Mr. Jarmusch, Carter Logan, and Shane Stoneback, plays what Mr. Jarmusch calls “slo-motion psychedelic rock-n-roll” that is heard accompanying a handful of passages from the film.

So Lakeshore were kind enough to send us two copies of each disc. And if you’re one of our two winners, we’ll give you a set of them. So to win, you know the drill: enter using the form below. Enter once a day. And if we draw your name when it’s all over, then you win. Good luck.

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