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Stuff You Need to Know: Ghostbusters 3 Still Has Some Life After Death In It. Allegedly.

Because if you want to read an entire site devoted to this stuff, be our guest. But trust us, the news is still fresh when we get around to sharing it. And we get it out of the way quickly so you can grit your teeth and get it over with. Enjoy.

  • Sherlock Holmes trailer is up. And even Doc thinks it has some promise, so all is definitely not lost. Yet.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    You can take a look at the round-up of various previous versions of Holmes here. Thanks to Occasional Superheroine (@ohsuperheroine) for the headsup.

  • Some bits from the Coraline musical are going up for auction over at the MCC Theater’s website. Check their site out for more information. Via The Neil (@neilhimself).
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  • Are we finally getting Ghostbusters 3? Maybe. Check out here for the previous history of the project–it’s been around for a while. Dan Aykroyd himself spilled the beans: all the original team are back, including Sigourney Weaver. (Ahem–and Annie Potts?) Go and read the full article for Aykroyd’s comments, which seem pretty candid. Bottom line is everybody’s on board and they could be rolling as early as winter but Akyroyd (again with the candid) says “at any second everything could blow up.” Ivan Reitman will not return to direct but Aykroyd says he wishes Harold Ramis would in his stead. The story is to setup a next generation of a team, including “several female members.” A couple of thoughts: it could blow up but I think delays might be the main thing here. I’m predicting that either script or scheduling pushes back production to mid-2010. Also, I’m not said about Reitman not being on board because he was in the chair for Ghostbusters 2–which was shit. I’m sorry, but it was. So the fact that the original scribes (Aykroyd and Ramis) won’t be scribing and the original director won’t be directing doesn’t sadden me in the least.
  • Marvel and Walgreens are teaming up to provide Marvel-branded stuff at the chain of drugstores. This will hit the spring of 2010. Because that’s exactly what Walgreens is missing: Hulk-branded aspirin. Source. Hat tip again to Occasional Superheroine.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. biopic? Apparently so. It’s over at DreamWorks. Spielberg will produce. Interestingly, all King’s work are copyrighted and this is the first project authorized by his estate–as a result, they can actually use, you know, his speeches. Which are kind of important when you’re telling the story of a guy who’s famous for lots of things, but chief among them the man’s words. No scribe has been announced yet. Source.
  • Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth shall be Thor. Verily.

  • Martin Scorsese is doing the Sinatra biopic, both helming and producing. Phil Alden Robinson is scribing (he helmed Sum of All Fears). Who will be cast? Good question. They don’t have to sing like in recent musician biopics because it’s going to be recordings of actual Frank in the film. Will DiCaprio play Sinatra? Another good question. Source.
  • So…we got Thor. Chris Hemsworth, who was Kirk’s dad in the recent Star Trek, has got it. And apparently he’s also the lead in the Red Dawn remake. Interesting, since the movie got pushed back to 2011, but the aforementioned animated series? Is it still in 2010? Probably. the article says that Daniel Craig turned it down (probably smart, that casting doesn’t work IMO). The movie will now hit May 20, 2011.
  • Gregory Walters has some new music over at his MySpace page. Yes, it’s R&B. But you know, sometimes it works and something smooth is what you need. Go check it out.