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Special Edition: Make the Bad Men Stop 2008


For this episode, join us as we have our annual “Make the Bad Men Stop” panel at DragonCon, hosted by the X-Track. It was a Monday morning at 10am. What the hell was that about?

In attendance for this year’s madness: Doc Ezra, Tuffley, ScottC, Rox of Spazhouse, Service, and some other jackass. Also, Dindrane is on hand in the audience to provide additional snark.

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  • I’ll just admit now to being the “Girl in the Fez” *sigh* Why did no one record part one? Just wondering…

  • Rox was kind enough to record our first panel, but it’s more for archival purposes since you can barely hear some of us. I can post it, though, if you really really want me to.

  • I think if you crank up the volume really high you can hear it. I have excellent ear buds from Shure and are made for the listener to hear everything.