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Aaron Poole vs. America(n Food) Part Seven: The Pup Deception

Aaron Poole: American Taste Tests

The adventure perpetuates and dwarfs comprehension. When we last left our hero, Aaron Poole of Cabin Fever, he had somehow found himself in Atlanta to take part in Red Nose Net 2010. Not enough to try and make him stay up on camera for twenty-four hours, Ken Plume and myself decided to throw food at him.

Having survived a trip to Bojangles and The Great Scone Debate, he continues down his trek of Krystal fast food sampling, where now in Part 4 of this dumbfounding saga, he finds himself with yet another new and seemingly baffling taste experience: the place where chili, hot dogs and cheese combine. Is that place a warm and gentle locale for our hero? Or yet another withering clash with American cuisine? Tune in, gentle viewers, and let’s find out…


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  • You know, I feel these videos have been dwarfed by your descriptions for them.
    Sometimes your writing skills are too good for this shit.

  • Aaron, your facial expression of disgust is almost as enjoyable as Widge’s writing, don’t worry.

    (No irony or sarcasm in this comment.)