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RIP: Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed album cover

A lot of people of my generation probably think of this first when they think of Jerry Reed. It’s his appearance on The New Scooby-Doo Movies, wherein “Pretty Mary Sunlight” is repeated about 514 times.

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Unfortunately, this episode has not been released on DVD to my knowledge, apparently due to rights issues. So I don’t feel so bad about including the whole thing here. However, the “Best of” that was released is available on DVD from Amazon.

Update: The full episode has been taken down so we switched to a single performance of the song.
Of course, what follows hard upon that memory is this: Smokey and the Bandit. Jerry Reed was the Snowman and he also sang the immortal theme song. This movie is a freaking classic.

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But before any of that, Jerry was a musician and a fine one at that. We’ll let him play this post out.

Jerry died of complications from emphysema this past Monday. Damn, man. We miss you already. Thanks for everything, Jerry.

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  • I had run a special Scooby Doo Call of Cthulhu game a few times and had Jerry Reed as a guest star in the game. Special stats: driving a big rig and expertise with a sawed of shot gun. He will be missed.