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Happy Birthday, John Hodgman

Historians have long debated the actual birthdate of Prof. John Hodgman. Some place it as February 29th, some as Arbor Day, and there is at least one who states that Hodgman has always existed and was never actually “born”–but the current consensus among scholars is that it is June 3rd. So we say a good evening to one of the world’s greatest historians. Why is he great? Because he knows his own birthday–and all of these other historians must simply debate the matter. That is concrete proof.

Here we have his classic tale of Hobo Matters:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

This was taken, of course, from the audiobook of The Areas of My Expertise. The bad news is that due to a hobo conspiracy, it is no longer in print. The good news is that despite their best efforts, the dark forces that control the earth have not destroyed all the copies and you can still snag it.


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to catch one of Prof. Hodgman’s lectures/performances/tent revivals/organ donation rallies, you have a void in your lives. But in an attempt at least patch that hole, here’s his appearance (with Jonathan Coulton) at Google:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

For more of Prof. Hodgman and to find out the location of his secret birthday party tonight, find him on Twitter and also his official site here.

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  • I spoke with some of the hobos at the hobo camp and they want to wish John a very happy birthday and long life to him.