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Stuff: Biggest Zombie Party on the Planet Nigh

I Spit on Your Rave poster

  • I Spit on Your Rave has the best movie title you will hear this week. The concept is it’s 2018 and six years since a zombie virus unleashed upon the 2012 Olympics and mankind has gone the way of the dodo and good Marvel Comics. So out of boredom, a zombie music festival is born. This sounds so mental, I am filled with glee just telling you about it. Apparently, they’re filming this at the Big Chill Festival with production starting on August 6th and they want everybody to show up and play a zombie extra. Not only do they get their movie, but they get the world record for “Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera”. Is there anything about this film to not respect? Not at present. Here’s their official site for more info. Source.
  • The Coraline musical is now running through July 5th. It seems to have pleased The Neil, so my hope is that a DVD of the performance will be on sale for those of us who don’t have a prayer of seeing it in NYC before it closes. Source.
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  • We share the interest that Twitch has in The Great Bear, an animated film due out in 2011 from Copenhagen Bombay. It’s about what happens when you’re an 11-year-old boy whose annoying little sister has been kidnapped by a giant, millennium-old bear. Your first reaction would be to call upon Roland of Gilead. But assuming he’s not available, then what? Can’t wait to find out.
  • USA Today has posted a pic of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2. As you’ll see in the pic, he’s sporting a power source that looks suspiciously like Stark’s. As I stated on Twitter, if Whiplash’s alter ego turns out to be Randy “The Ram” Robinson, revitalized by the Stark power pack, then I will personally give Jon Favreau a dollar.
  • The ongoing Red Bull/cocaine scare (covered in Germany by our correspondent Dom) has spread to Asia this past week, where it was reported that traces of cocaine were now found in Red Bull’s original energy drink. Which is sort of hilarious considering the cocaine traces were found in Red Bull’s cola…which isn’t even available in Asia. Also, Dom let me know that his guess regarding an uptick in sales regarding the evil, “banned” Red Bull Cola? Dead on the money. Sales are up. Source.
  • Help out friend of Needcoffee Johnny Zito by voting for his Star Trek tee. He’s offering free hugs.
  • Speaking of shows I’d like to see in New York and there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to manage it: A Steady Rain is a two-man show that will star Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. It’s about two ex-friends who used to work together as policemen in Chicago but fell out over a domestic call that wound up with a young boy dead. It’s coming to the New York stage this fall for a limited run. Source.
  • Meant to post this a little while ago, but it’s alarming how this V remake doesn’t give me hives.

    Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via Occasional Superheroine.

  • As one of three people on the planet who doesn’t have a vendetta against Shia LaBeouf, I am nevertheless pleased that he’s not going to be Yorick in the Y: The Last Man movie. Next step: ensuring there isn’t a Y: The Last Man movie. It won’t work as a movie. Sorry, but it won’t. Unless it’s on HBO or Showtime as a “maxi-series,” it’s just going to lack a lot. (Incidentally, the fact that he sees Yorick as his character from Transformers with a monkey on his shoulder just blows my mind. I don’t think he understands how goddamn silly it is to equate the two.) Source.

    • I will give Jon Favreau another dollar, and a can of Buffalo Wild Pringles. Why Shia? I don’t understand the fuss. Please collaborate with the other two people and explain. Oh- and watch out junkies- soon you may find Red Bull in your cocaine!

    • That’s just it, Wes. He hasn’t offended me with anything but his choice of roles. I think in a decent movie he’d be all right.

    • And “I Spit on Your Rave” is ANOTHER reason why the Brits are awesome. Man, I want to go.