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Irwin Allen Wept

2012 monk

As I’ve stated before, the reason Independence Day worked so completely for me is that I recognized it for what it was instantly: Irwin Allen’s V. But now Roland Emmerich has taken pretty much disaster movie cliche and packed it into a single film. The trailer is so ludicrous that it feels more like Disaster Movie than a serious release. Ken went so far as to rename the film And the Kitchen Sink.

Which is quite accurate. Check it out.

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That’s right, you saw right: the Sistine Chapel ceiling split, the Jesus in Rio has its arms fall off and Emmerich actually uses a ginormous wave to fling the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy at the White House. But honestly, when your money shot for ID4 was a giant flying saucer taking out the White House, then you’ve got to one-up yourself somehow.

Still, it feels so goofy that it just has to be seen on the big screen. We shall see.

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