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Black Phoenix Is Crazy From The Summer Heat

plastic pink flamingo
Innocent lawn ornament or something more ...

The delightfully mad perfumers at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have used their skills to create scents inspired by Neil Gaiman’s dark dreams, the black coal and bright metal of steampunk and the darker side of the longest night of the year. But this time they have tackled a subject that is far more unusual and strange.


You know, snow globes, chia pets, commemorative plates, etc. All that mass produced, overly sentimental, artistic devoid plastic crap you get at souvenir shops and flea markets. At first, this seems an odd choice for Black Phoenix’s Summer Garden series. You would expect something a little darker, more along the lines of Venus Fly Trap or Foxglove. Not Lawn Gnome, Plastic Pink Flamingo, and Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel. I’m not making this up.

The scents reflect the bright summery attitude of the selections. Lawn Gnome mixes the sweetness of red currents and molasses with the earthiness of moss and patchouli. Plastic Pink Flamingo is all pink marshmallow peeps and dandelion. Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel has enough fruit scents for a fruit salad. It’s all happy and cheerful and sunny. What the hell is Black Phoenix playing at?

[ad#longpost]After thinking about it for a while, there may be more to this that meets the eye… or nose. These three ornaments symbolize the Suburban Wasteland. Rows of identical mini-mansions filled with Stepford Wives, Men in Grey Flannel Suits, and Abercrombie & Fitch children. All sacrificing their souls to the gods of Status, Brand, and the All-Mighty Dollar. All trying to fill the void with prescription pills, strong cocktails, and reality television. All incapable of leaving their gated communities, even with the security gate wide open. I think that qualifies as terrifying.

There is also the alchemical perspective. You have the Lawn Gnome as Earth, the Plastic Pink Flamingo as Water, Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel as Air, and the summer sun as Fire. This could be a magical equation for a successful harvest or simple good fortune. Perhaps a secret Western version of feng shui to achieve harmonious balance and good real estate value.

Perhaps these are truly guardians of our homes and gardens. Maybe they are the modern translation of the classical concept of the genius loci or the spirit of the home. This begs the question: what are they protecting the home from? Mere calamity like a burglary or termites or something more strange and unearthly? And if the latter is the case, do you really want to find out what that is?

For more info on the scents and how to purchase them for yourself, check out their site here.