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700 Bands: 611 – 620

700 Bands

The madness continues. For more information, go here.

611. Omnipotent Porksword.
Based on the twitterings of Uncle Warren and the meanderings of penis-enhancing spam.

612. Hope Abattoir.
From a recent episode of Charlie Brooker’s You Have Been Watching. I imagine a goth poetry version of The Monster Engine except instead of translating little kids’ monster art into fully realized art, it’s taking the depressed meandering poetry of adolescents and turning them into full-blown spoken word/Goth music performance pieces. Seriously. Hope Abattoir is the name of both the band and lead singer.

613. God’s Banana.
I’m just thinking all your favorite religious songs as interpreted by The Polyphonic Spree if it had been founded by Frank Zappa. Reminded of this by Ben Templesmith.

614. Ianto Jihad.

615. Vance and the Viking Tacos.
From Steven G. Saunders.

616. Big Audio Violence.

617. Nabisco Brainserver.
From the Madman himself.

618. Plagued by Outdoors.

619. Deadly Cartoon Universe.
From our friend and yours, Prof. Gibson. I envision this as bits of Hanna-Barbera music performed by a heavy band with a lot of horns, like classic The Urge.

620. Poison Agnes.

New band names up for grabs now until we get done. Because it’s time to be done already.