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Miscellaneous Pics From D23 Day 1’s Rambling

So with only a day’s rest (or lack thereof) between DragonCon and the next stop, it was off to Anaheim for Disney’s D23 Fan Expo. I’ve been wandering around, taking pictures, taking videos, talking to folks, attending screenings and panels and such, and I’m working to process all of that. The fact that I got a good dose of what somebody referred to as DragonSARS didn’t help matters. All I can say is that the part of NyQuil that knocks you out hasn’t been outlawed yet, so I was able to take advantage. Anyway, so: D23.

Mickey welcomes you to D23

It’s Disney basically opening up the floodgates and letting a slew of fans get washed away, with announcements, screenings, archival bits, and celebrities out the wazoo. As prologue to this madness, I wandered about on Thursday taking some snaps of things. (Also, D23? Law of Five? How many fnords can you spot, fearless reader?)


Doctor Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

My first thought on this was that the animated Jelly’s Last Jam was going to be pretty spectacular. It’s, of course, the baddie from The Princess and the Frog, Doctor Facilier, and not an animated version of the Chimney Man from Jelly’s. Of course, it didn’t immediately occur to me that the Chimney Man on Broadway and Doctor Facilier share an actor in common: Keith David. So I’m informative even when I’m being a moderately amusing smartass. Who knew?

(BTW, I tried to find a vid or a pic of David as The Chimney Man for reference, but no such luck. Anybody got one?)

Tron Legacy lightcycle

Here is the lightcycle from Tron: Legacy. As I’ll talk about more when I write-up that particular panel, the idea was to take the existing 1982 lightcycle and project the development of it forward to 2010, as though it had evolved the way a Ferrari evolved. Which seems to be a nice organic way of handling it. Me, I just appreciate the color scheme on this.

Original audioanimatronic Lincoln

I think we can all see what this is without a lot of prompting from me.

If you guessed Terminator 5 is going to have the weirdest twist ending ever…then…well, no, that’s not right. But E for Effort. This is actually the original audio-animatronic Abraham Lincoln bot from the 1964 World’s Fair. It was used then, then stored…and this is its first time out on display, apparently. There’s a brand new Lincolnbot that’s going to hit Disneyland‘s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln later this year. No word yet on whether it’s making an appearance in the simulated flesh.

And lastly…

Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit

Is it just me, or does this version of Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit from Robert Zemeckis‘ latest frightening descent into CG hell…

Troll Doll

…remind you of one of these?

Maybe it’s just me. Regardless, I’ll be back with more info on what I’ve found here as I can get it processed and out the door. So stand by.

Troll image source.