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Catching Up With Winners!

Warning: Do! try this at home

Girls Next Door Season 5 will be knocking on the doors of Caroline Jarvis of Kentucky and Michael Dunlap of Colorado

Amy Hargrove of Texas can now predict the future with Nostradamus 2012

The Best of Lila Downs goes to Vince Hubbard of Michigan, Shana Nichols of New Jersey, and Jodi Brewer of Ontario

Bad Lieutenant gets to smack down Scott Parks of Ohio, Christina Rosenberg of Louisiana, Rodney Palmer of Arizona, Jeanine Campbell of North Carolina, and Daryl Harris of California

The dulcet tones of Grandaddy: A Pretty Mess By This One Band go to Kevin Libby of Iowa

The search is over for George Kaufman of Missouri, Debbie Goodwin of South Carolina, and Veronica Pearson of Mississippi, who have won In Search of the Great Beast 666

Karen Smythe of New York, Sonya Sparks of Arkansas, and Rosalyn Sega of Florida will be heisting with The Code

Phil Malloy of Georgia and Jocelyn Chaddick of Illinois have won Reba Season 6

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