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Hodgman With the Tough Questions for Obama, By Crom

John Hodgman

Friend to you and me, Prof. John Hodgman, was the entertainment speaker at the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner. He took the opportunity to explain the difference between nerds, geeks and jocks–and strives to place President Obama into one of those groups.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Both Paul and Storm and Ken Plume make a case that perhaps Hodgman should be our current the Minister of Geek Affairs rather than Wil Wheaton. But, hey, I must say: the people elected Wheaton. So you know how that goes.

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  • Yet another stone tossed in the epic Ken Plume doesn’t want to fight @wilw, but totally does anyway! Fight of the century if it would just happen. ;)

  • what I find ‘interesting’ is how many of the guests clearly didn’t find John funny, many sat there stone-faced…