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32 Days of Halloween III, Audio #1: The Raven

The Raven

Okay, so here’s the added wrinkle to this year’s incarnation of 32 Days of Halloween, before we get to tonight’s feature presentation. Because I wanted to do something else this year, I’ve decided that everyday I’m going to record and post a reading of a story that fits in with the season. Some are going to be of my own invention, but most are going to be some classic bits like this one: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” I’m not Vincent Price, but I give it a whirl. Let me know what you think.


Also, if you have anything you’d like me to read, I’m taking requests. The parameters are: can’t be novel-length, because I mean, come on–and has to be something I can legally, you know, publish a thing of me reading it. Public domain is great, creative commons also good, or whatever. So leave a comment here if you’d like me to consider what’s what. But hurry, I’m already filling up slots.

By the way, we’ve mentioned the actual pet of Charles Dickens that inspired the poem before. Which is kind of a cool story.

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  • I’m a high school teacher and I used this for my English III class’s study of “The Raven.” Great job.

  • hi listen to your version of The raven and liked it but can you read Vincent after Tim Burton wich Vincent Price did and did it really really well :)

  • Samuel: Glad you liked the reading. Unfortunately, Vincent, unlike The Raven, is not public domain so I can’t really read it and publish me reading it without Tim Burton’s permission. I could maybe try it at a live reading some time–thanks for the idea!

  • Kirsti: Saw your Facebook message…yes, have at it. To anybody who might be interested–my recordings are pretty much up for grabs. All I ask is that you let me know you’re doing it and let me know what the end result looks like.