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But I Don’t Want to Wear Mad T-Shirts…

Threadless: Cheshire t-shirt

Threadless has created many cool shirts in their time, especially recently when they started throwing UV ink and glow in the dark ink and all kinds of “special effects” into the mix. Now that they’ve created this latest Alice in Wonderland-inspired shirt, I think they’ve outdone themselves when it comes to badass shirts for kids. I mean, it’s cool for adults–but what kid wouldn’t want a disappearing cat that also glows in the dark? I mean…seriously.

Outside in direct sunlight the cat’s body is visible, inside the cat’s body goes away–and in the dark, the teeth and eyes glow.

Sure, their most recent update includes an awesome black and white apocalyptic shirt, but this one takes the cake. To snag a Cheshire shirt for yourself, click here.

P.S. I do admit that the picture we chose makes it look like Miyazaki’s Catbus is about to charge out of a tunnel and run you over. Please don’t let that stop you from enjoying the shirt.

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