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32 Days of Halloween III, Movie Night No. 16: The Penalty

Lon Chaney in The Penalty

So looking at another silent film for this evening’s pick–since last year we were watching Will Rogers in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow–I came across a Lon Chaney Sr. film we had discussed before: The Penalty. From 1920, it’s a silent film that’s mostly a crime drama…but when you see Chaney as a double amputee (who had to strap his legs back and put his knees into a pair of buckets–yes, ow would be the appropriate response to that) and what he plans to do for his revenge…well, there’s a bit of horror in there certainly. And Chaney…I just can’t get over what he can do with his face, makeup or no. Enjoy.

And back in 2007, we were watching The Wasp Woman.

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